IML firms

We offer cast-type (non-oriented) polypropylene films for injection (IML = In Mould Labelling).

These films are designed for offset printing (both conventional and UV), screen printing and flexo printing.

Cast-type firms are used in the production of food packaging (ice cream, fish, dairy) as well as in industrial products (paints, containers, boxes).

The advantage of cast-type films in relation to BOPP films (oriented) is the lack of tension (typical for oriented films), which affects the efficiency of package labelling.

Thanks to the use of cast-type films, the injection company may increase its performance by approximately 8 %.

We offer the following types of films:

  • for large packages with the thickness of 75, 82 and 100 microns
  • for lids and small labels with the thickness of 60 microns
  • metalized films for high quality packaging
  • barrier films for food packaging
  • films approved for printing on HP Indigo films.

We offer films in rolls and sheets, according to customer specifications.

Please contact us - we will provide you with technical support and help you choose the product that meets your requirements.