Polyester films

We offer bioriented polyester films for a variety of printing methods, including screen, offset and digital printing.

The main advantages of these films are:

  • high transparency that allows printing the reverse side, providing no loss of vividness of the print
  • resistance to high temperatures (from -90C to 130C at continuous work)
  • resistance to chemicals
  • excellent pressing-resistance (even up to 1 000 000 presses)

We offer films with  thicknesses from 0.023 mm to 0.500 mm (23-500 microns), in a variety of surface finishes (matt, gloss) in colourless, milk and white versions

Polyester films are used mainly in the production of:

  • foil keyboards
  • MTS
  • paths
  • control panels of machinery and equipment
  • front panels of household appliances
  • cables
  • high durability forms, labels, tickets, passes
  • insulation
  • electronics

We offer films in rolls and sheets, according to customer specifications.

Please contact us - we will provide you with technical support and help you choose the product that meets your requirements.